About Lisa

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Being diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011 and struggling to find a way back from this without the use of prescription medication, not knowing where to turn for help or support is where her journey began.

Lisa M Billingham

Psychic and spiritual development

Feeling particularly low, lost and desperate, Lisa visited a medium. She was blown away by the reading, her grandfather being the main contributor from the spirit world. Using this connection, she was able to forge a way forward in life. Soon after this, she began to sit in a psychic development circle. Now a medium herself, she uses her psychic skills, intuition and connections to the spirit world to help others seeking guidance and reassurance. 



Experiencing her first healing session in 2011, which left her feeling like she was walking on air. She resolved then to be of service to others and find a way to make them feel the same way she had. Undertaking many self-development courses beginning with relaxation and Tai Chi, moving on to management, psychic and spiritual development, coaching and holistic therapy courses. Just when life seemed to be finding normality, a hysterectomy was needed, which was also quickly followed by redundancy.

Another spanner in the works 

Following her redundancy, Lisa set up a business, which she subsequently closed to work abroad as a holiday rep. What a lifestyle and at her age! The universe had other ideas for her though, as in March 2020 she was repatriated from sunny Fuerteventura back to the UK and used the time during lockdown to write her debut novel, Katie, A New Chapter, loosely based on her life experiences and written to help others who may be struggling. For further information and to purchase Katie, A New Chapter, please click here. https://lisambillingham.com/katie-a-new-chapter/

Her journey has opened her eyes to things, people, ways of life and love she never thought were possible, not to mention the realisation that almost everyone has something in their life they want to change. She believes her soul purpose is to be of service to others.

If you feel she can help you, please get in touch.

lisa@lisambillingham.com, or complete the contact form below.

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