Are you ready to learn to manage your stress or anxiety and stop it controlling you?

Intuitive Guidance Coaching

Are you looking for 1:1 guidance?

By working with me, you will:

🥳Uncover ways to control your stress or anxiety

🥳Feel inspired

🥳Improve your confidence

🥳Find empathy with others

I work intuitively to guide you through our sessions and get you moving on the next part of your journey.

Is it time for you to:

😟Learn to manage your stress or anxiety and stop it controlling you

👍Love Your Life again

👋Let go of the past

👊Do something new

👌Build your confidence

👏Be inspired

Are you ready to take your life back into your own hands? 

How to work with me

  1. Download and complete my coaching discovery call questionnaire.
  2. Return the questionnaire to me at
  3. I read through your questionnaire and we book a date and time suitable for us both to discuss working together (usually 15 -20 minutes.)
  4. Once we have established that we are able to work together, we will schedule our first session. Please allow up to an hour and a half for the sessions. Most are between 45 minutes and 1 hour.
  5. Once our first session is confirmed, payment is required and, I will send you my bank details. Payment by monthly instalment is also available.
  6. I will send a zoom link (once payment or first payment is received.)
  7. Before our session, I will read through your questionnaire again, make notes and have an outline plan for our session. 
  8. During the session, I will use my intuition as well as my skills as a coach to ask you some tough questions, hold you to account and support you in changing your life. 
  9. At the end of each session, we will review and agree on the next course of action and will schedule our next session.

What I need from you 

You must:

  1. Be willing to make the change.
  2. Carry out the work we agree for you to do in each session.
  3. Be honest and open.

Sessions are completed via zoom.

Work with Lisa over 4 sessions for £508. Schedule a free virtual cuppa to discuss in more detail.

Individual sessions are £147. 

Thank you for visiting.

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Group sessions are available to corporate businesses and I am available for speaking engagements. 

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