Tell Your Story and Heal Your Life | Creative Writing Course

About this course

Are you tired of your mental health issues and traumatic past events holding you back?

Are you ready to release the past and move forward with your life?

Do you want a coping mechanism that doesn’t involve taking medication or attending lengthy therapy sessions?

Join author and wellbeing coach, Lisa M Billingham as she teaches you how to use creative writing to release yourself from past stresses and move forward on your healing journey.

Normally £297.00, with Lisa’s exclusive early-bird discount, you can save £50 on the course and pay just £247. That gives you *lifetime access* to the entire contents of Tell Your Story and Heal Your Life, including writing templates, meditations, journaling prompts and much more.

Only valid until 30/06/2021.

What to expect

Tell Your Story and Heal Your Life is a self-led creative writing course and its contents are yours to keep forever. However, Lisa recommends that you complete the course within three to six months so you have a goal to meet and can move forward with your life. The course includes:

*A presentation with 7-course chapters guiding you on your journey
*90-minutes of inspiring videos from Lisa
*40-minutes of calming meditations
*Handy writing templates and journaling prompts
*Introduction to crystal therapy and spiritual practice
*3 support emails to me per month

The whole point of this course is that it’s customisable to wherever you are on your healing journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a natural-born writer or haven’t written anything since you left school. The main thing is about giving it a go, putting pen to paper in order to release the negative feelings that have been holding you back.

There’s never been a better time to regain control of your life, learn how to manage your mental health and tell your story while doing so.

About your teacher, Lisa

Lisa M Billingham

Lisa M Billingham has many strings to her bow, as a former business development manager turned author, wellbeing coach, public speaker, crystal therapist and intuitive reader.

After being diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression in 2011, Lisa then went through job loss, an endometriosis diagnosis and a sudden hysterectomy within a short space of time. She couldn’t see a way forward – but little did she know what was to come.

In a life-changing journey consisting of personal growth work, spiritual practice and self-love, Lisa not only recovered from all that life had thrown at her, but she also managed to:

*Get mentally and physically well again
*Conquer her fear of flying
*Spend 9 months working in Menorca & Fuerteventura
*Learn to love life again
*Write her debut novel – Katie, A New Chapter

Katie, A New Chapter

Katie, A New Chapter

Lisa wrote Katie, A New Chapter when her work abroad came to a halt as the world went into lockdown in March 2020. Based loosely on her life experiences, Lisa’s novel follows the journey of a shy, 23-year-old woman who is struggling to find her way in life, and has already had rave reviews:

“Anxiety is such a common occurrence in real life. How lovely to read that it is possible to overcome it and move forward. A great read for anyone looking for a light at the end of that rocky road” – Beverley Bunce

“This is the book we all need to read! Students should be reading this in high schools (currently working with year 9 students who need to read this as some of them have such little self-worth.) so they can see the behaviours of others that we think we should accept aren’t the behaviours we should be experiencing from ourselves or others” – @Sb93

“Loved this little gem. I really felt connected to the happy, sad, upbeat stages & letdowns that this innocent well-meaning soul endured on her journey to find ‘herself’. I could relate to some of the scenarios (especially the little nagging negative voice) and to say I’m not a reader, I found it hard to put the book down” – Alison W

Now, Lisa is helping you learn to release the past, unearth your self-worth and unleash your creativity through writing. Whether you want to journal, write a short story or take after Lisa and write your first novel – how you approach the course is entirely up to you.

It’s your story and only you know what will help you heal.

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