Katie, A New Chapter

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Obstacles are everywhere or, are they only in Katie’s mind?

Struggling to find her way in life, Katie battles with stress, anxiety, depression and the pain of a hysterectomy at a young age, leaving her without any children.

Katie takes you into a wild world of rollercoaster rides, trials and tribulations, finding help and support in the strangest of places.

What are the butterflies trying to tell her?

Can Katie battle her demons, achieve her dreams and come out on top?

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Here’s what my readers say:

Sneak Peek Inside Katie, A New Chapter.

“Closing your eyes, I want you to imagine you’re walking by a river.”

Ooh that’s easy, I do that fairly often. Katie muses to herself.

“…Breathing out, now breathe in again, hold for a few seconds, and breathe out.  Take a couple more deep breaths then let your breathing return to normal. You’re walking along the river bank, the ground, a carpet of emerald green grass stretches as far as the eye can see. 

Feeling each footstep as you walk slowly down the path, the trees gently swaying in the breeze. You reach an expanse of open fields filled with an array of wild flowers.  Which colour do you see? 

Keep that colour in your mind as you continue your walk. A little further along you see a figure standing before you.  This is whoever you want it to be, one of the ascended masters, a family member, Jesus, Budha, anyone you would like to see.  As you get closer, they point to a bench beside them and invite you to sit.  Doing so, they sit beside you, holding your hand. They encourage you to discuss with them anything you wish.  I’m going to leave you for a few minutes to speak to your visitor.”

A short while later Jenny’s voice can be heard again.  “Your visitor has a gift they wish to give you, opening your hand, they place it in there for you to bring back with you.

Now you are making your way back down through the field, the flowers are all the colour you saw at the beginning.  Walking on the emerald green grass past the swaying trees and back into your seat.  Tap your toes gently on the floor, take a final deep breath in and out. Now slowly, bring yourself back into the room.”

 “Everyone OK?”  Jenny asks once everyone has opened their eyes.

Nods and mumbles all-round signifying that everyone was back in the room.

“Does anyone want to share their experience?”

A couple of the people share but Katie sits there.  Gobsmacked. Handsome stranger, silver key, strange bench.  What does it all mean?

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