Hi, my name is Lisa

and I love inspiring those around me to be themselves.

My Books

Coming Soon – Finding Love at 40 – My First Romance Novella.


“Laurel feels like a wallflower. Fed up with trying to hold down three jobs, follow her dreams, and find the love of her life, she tries internet dating. Scrolling through social media, she sees a competition to win tickets for a comedy show. In need of some laughter in her life, she enters. She forgets about it until she reads an email that will change her life. Winning the tickets is just the beginning of a whirlwind love affair, a change of career and a dream (or two) come true.”

My debut book, Katie, A New Chapter is a self-help novel based on my life experiences. Mental health issues, abuse and major surgery have haunted me for over a decade. Writing the novel was part of my healing journey and I hope it inspires you to make positive changes in your life.
Working recently in a prison I have seen many breakthroughs with the men. I am also proud to say the book has helped to save a life.
Katie’s transition from a self-doubting, introverted young woman at the start of the book to somebody with immense courage & unconditional kindness will leave you feeling like anything in life is possible. – Lauren Love.
Tom, The Next Chapter is the follow-up and tells the story from another character’s point of view. Whilst battling his demons, trying to overcome PTSD and run his late grandfather’s factory, he tries to care for Katie but makes a bit of a hash of it. 

My books are available in paperback or ebook on the links below. 

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Katie A New Chapter

A Bit About Me

I am an author, inspirational speaker, and intuitive coach.

In 2020, I wrote my debut novel, Katie, A New Chapter, a self-help work of fiction based on my life experiences. I touch on mental health, abuse, and trauma in my story. Working recently in a prison I have seen many breakthroughs with the men. I am also proud to say the book has helped to save a life.

I love writing for enjoyment and to facilitate the healing process for myself and others. I often use writing to help channel spiritual messages.

My second novel, Tom, The Next Chapter was published in 2022. My first romance novella, Falling in Love at 40, is due out in 2024.

As an inspirational speaker, I openly share my story and speak on topics including:
*Being your authentic self,
*Building your confidence and,
*Developing good mental wellbeing.

My talks are interactive so make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper.

I also help you tell your story using creative writing.  (Self led courses are available here.)

Very often, it only requires a small change to make all the difference in your life. I’m here to help you change the areas you feel stuck in or struggle with. A change in one area will undoubtedly improve other areas of your life. Career, health, wealth, and relationships, to name but a few.

I am open to collaborations and strive to bring love, light and inspiration to those around me.

In my spare time, I love to sing, walk and read.

If you’re drawn to contact me, please drop me a message or email lisa@lisambillingham.com or book a video call with me below:

Lots of Love, Light & Gratitude
Lisa xxx