One Card Psychic Reading

One Card Psychic Reading

Today’s One Card Psychic Reading Is Empowerment from Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids & Dolphins pack.

Who or what is holding you back? Who is around you that doesn’t have your best interests at heart? It could even be you, standing in your own way. Seeds for an idea you planted a while ago are now starting to take shape and grow. You have choices to make, and it is now time to stand in your power.

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Using Mediumship To Heal You

Using Mediumship To Heal You

Using mediumship to heal you can be very powerful. Finding the right medium to help can also be very daunting.

Many years ago, I was struggling with life. I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression and at the end of my tether. Trying to think of ways I could end it all. That was when I visited my first spiritual medium.  

The reading was not what I expected. My family confirmed that the information I didn’t understand was correct. The only way she could have known it was by speaking to my departed loved ones.

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Why I Wrote My First Novel. Katie, A New Chapter.

Why I Wrote My First Novel: Katie, A New Chapter

Katie, A New Chapter is the debut novel by author Lisa M Billingham. Here I share with you why I wrote my first novel.

Perfect Timing

Covid 19 forced me to write my first novel. I decided many years ago to write a book. Mentioned it often enough to make friends roll their eyes. I could tell what they were thinking. Here she goes again, another hair-brained scheme and it was, at the time. I was already suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and low self-worth plus, I was about to go into hospital for a hysterectomy. Writing a book wasn’t an option. It is now. Having been repatriated to the UK from Fuerteventura, I had time on my hands. A lot of it. Now, using my creative skills to write the first in a series of novels. I have loved writing this one and, I intend for it to help others find their self worth and live a life they love.

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