Mental Health Awareness

I’m A Survivor of Domestic Abuse

Whilst the football season is upon us, spare a thought for those in abusive situations.  It is well documented that domestic abuse reports rise when major sporting events are happening.  As a survivor of domestic abuse, I wanted to share some thoughts with you, a little of my story and some ideas for things you can […]

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Writing a Book is Hard

Writing a book is hard. Writing a book about your personal story is even harder.  There are so many things to consider, not least, why you’re writing it. There is never a wrong reason here, by the way, as long as it’s your why. I get asked many questions about why I wrote a novel

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Coping With Stress

It was a Tuesday Afternoon

I waved goodbye to my colleagues as I closed the door behind me, “see you tomorrow, Lise,” they called after me. I doubt it. I mumbled under my breath but called back, “yeah, see you soon.” To friends and colleagues, I passed on the stairs, it looked like I was breaking up for the holiday

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