Falling in Love at 40

Falling in Love at 40

Falling in Love at 40
Falling in Love at 40

In September 2023 I had an idea for a romance story.  I started to read romances which was unusual for me.  I’m more of a crime/drama reader.  Some of the romances I read and thought, ‘Wow, my story won’t even come close to being that good.  There were others where I thought, mine would be better.’  What did it matter though?  Typical imposter syndrome was at play here.  None are better or worse than any others, they are just different. I went with it and Falling in Love at 40 was the outcome.

My idea at the time was triggered by an experience, a feeling, and a loud whisper in my ear.  I wrote the first chapter and a plot for the book within 24 hours of having the initial thought.  Needless to say, I went a bit off plot, (as I do,) but the storyline is much the same.  (The original chapter is in there, but it isn’t the first chapter.)    

The scene at the end, which I imagined to be a big white wedding… (Spoiler alert!)  Well, it isn’t.

These characters have a mind of their own and they just wouldn’t do as I told them. Marriage was off the cards for them and it was far easier to go with the flow than try to talk them out of it and change everything to fit the initial plot.

Romance writing is a new genre for me, and I was worried I wouldn’t ‘cut the mustard,’ as they say.   Only time will tell, but I wrote this book differently from the others. 

What Did I Do Differently?

Previously I had been stressed about the whole process,


    • how should I do it?

    • will it be good enough?

    • will it sell? 

And all the other limiting beliefs** that have held me back in the past. 

This time I relaxed, listened to my intuition, and went through the processes I needed, and wanted, to go through.  Some would say I cut corners.  I would say I was just being me. 

I read a lot and I’ve read some very inspirational stories.  Most recently I read a biographical book about Prince.  That book inspired me to follow this particular dream and publish my story, my way.

This time:


    • I didn’t set deadlines.

    • I didn’t force the writing to come.  If I sat down to write any part of this book and it wasn’t forthcoming, I wrote something else.

    • I wrote the story for me.  I guess you could say it was a little bit of a fantasy or a dream on my part, but I didn’t write it for commercial reasons or follow any commercial ‘rules.’  I just wrote it, and when I felt it was complete, I published it.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe it will achieve best-seller status and it will open new doors for me, but that wasn’t the thinking behind the writing.

    • I always write from the heart.  Whenever I have the spark of an idea, I just let the writing flow through me.

    • I always hope that my books will help others, whether that is to educate, entertain, or inspire. Or all 3.

Most importantly, I enjoyed writing the book.  (I enjoyed writing all of my books but being so much more relaxed about this one has made so much difference.)

Falling in Love at 40

is the uplifting, evocative, passionate story of unconditional love and dreams coming true. A novella: perfect for readers of romance

Laurel feels like a wallflower. Fed up with trying to hold down three jobs, follow her dreams, and find the love of her life, she tries internet dating. Scrolling through social media, Laurel sees a competition to win tickets for a comedy show. In need of some laughter in her life, she enters. She forgets about it until she reads an email that will change her life. 

Winning the tickets is just the beginning of a whirlwind love affair, a change of career and a dream (or two) come true.

Falling in Love at 40 is available to purchase here eBook version for only £1.99.


If you don’t buy books, you can ask your local library to order a copy as it’s available to purchase in the library catalogue.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Lots of Love, Light & Gratitude.

Lisa xxx


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