Healing Through Creative Writing Membership Hub

Healing Through Creative Writing

A membership platform that takes you on a journey of creativity & healing.



    • Would you like to build your confidence?

    • Increase your self-awareness?

    • Learn a new skill?

Are you ready for positive change?

Have you been muddling through for far too long, feeling lost in life and tied down by the past? We all go through seasons of life where we are too focused on where we have been rather than where we could go next or even where we are now.

This membership will help you flex your creative writing muscles as well as help you gently release the past, allowing you to move on with your life with confidence and clarity.

Is this membership suitable for me?

Healing through creative writing is a very powerful tool.  It is for you if you:


    • Are going through, or have you been through traumatic experiences,

    • Experience mental health issues,

    • Struggle to come to terms with past actions,

    • Want to increase your confidence,

    • Need a proven way to release the past and learn to love your life.

Alongside helping you do all the above, you will:


    • Learn a new skill or find a new hobby,

    • Unleash your creativity,

    • Unearth your self-worth,

    • Have an increased awareness of yourself and others

    • Learn new good habits,

    • Feel calmer,

    • Produce a short story or first chapter of a novel, a poem (or several poems) or a song.

My name’s Lisa M Billingham this course and membership platform has been created from my own experiences with mental health, trauma and creative writing.

What’s included: 

√ A two-hour fortnightly online Zoom writing session,

√ Full access to the online version of my Healing Through Creative Writing course, (12 modules + 3 bonus lessons,)

         √ A workbook to accompany the online course,

√ Membership to a WhatsApp Support Group,


√ Weekly Writing Prompts.

As part of the membership and throughout the course, you will:


    • Be asked to journal about your feelings,

    • Keep a writer’s notebook,

    • Undertake a variety of exercises and tasks,

    • Meet and interact with like-minded people,

    • Write… A lot.

Some exercises we do include breathing, automatic writing and writing prompts, based on self-healing.

What you will need


    1. A journal or notebook

    1. Writers Notebook (separate from your journal)

    1. Pen/Pencil

    1. Post-it notes

    1. Open mind

    1. Time to dedicate to yourself to do the exercises throughout this series, even if it’s only 10 minutes per day. (Aside from the online fortnightly meet up.)

Current participants feel inspired, supported, and included. They are also building their confidence. Some, who have never spoken in public before, read their work on my former radio show.