These are the current self-led courses available.

Meditations Using Crystals 💎


This is a series of 7 video meditations all to help you along your journey.  Use them however you choose and please ensure you are safe to fall asleep when you begin.

I am sharing some of the experiences I have had and the things I’ve used throughout my life to help me learn, grow and thrive spiritually, emotionally mentally and physically in the hopes that some of these things will also help you. This is just one of those things.

This series of meditations is designed to help you relax, let go and live a loving and fulfilling life.

If you wish to, you can use crystals alongside these meditations. In the meditations, I mention my favourite crystals. If you would like to try some writing alongside these too, please write down whatever you experience from the meditations.

An Introduction to Healing Through Creative Writing ✍


Not sure whether you want to write your story yet but you would like to sample some of the exercises in the full course, please choose this option.

Healing Through Creative Writing 📔

Ready to write your story?  This course will take you through the healing exercises in the introduction course and you will create a beautiful piece of writing too.

How would you like to tell your story and at the same time heal your life? You can do that with this Healing Through Creative Writing course.

💖Would you like to build your confidence?

💖Increase your self-awareness?

💖Learn a new skill?

At the end of the course, you will have a short story, poem, or song to do with what you choose. At the same time, you will be healing.

If you’ve suffered from trauma,

You’re struggling to come to terms with the past,

Or you have mental health issues, then this course is for you.

Please select your course below or email me if you have any questions,

Meditation Course
Introduction to Healing Through Creative Writing
Healing Through Creative Writing Course